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May 25, 2000 (San Francisco) — In Los Angeles Province, where inlaid stars give testament to celebrity on Hollywood Boulevard, women are still dying giving birth to children, says a specialist who studied 17 years of birth records at a Los Angeles healing center.

Robert B. Gherman, MD, says the passing rate for women in labor during the a long time 1982 to 1998 was about 24 per 100,000 live births, a rate that is three times the CDC-reported national average. Gherman says the driving cause of maternal passing was a condition called preeclampsia/eclampsia, moreover known as toxemia.

A very common complication of pregnancy, preeclampsia is characterized by tall blood weight went with by painful swelling of feet, legs, and hands. Left untreated, the condition can harm the kidneys and cause seizures. Amid the 1980s, nearly 30% of the maternal passings at L.A. Province Healing center were caused by preeclampsia, says Gherman. The rate dropped slightly, to almost 26%, from 1990 through 1998.

Dying was another leading cause of maternal passing, as was disease and blood clots, says Gherman. He says the take-home message is that “women still kick the bucket in childbirth.”

Gherman tells WebMD he collected the data from records of almost 220,000 live births. At the time, Gherman was with the L.A. County/University of Southern California Women’s Hospital. “Typically an amazing data source since the hospital records are [collected] inside 42 days of conveyance,” says Gherman. Presently director of the division of obstetrics/gynecology at the Naval Therapeutic Center Portsmouth in Portsmouth, Va., Gherman presented his investigate at a meeting of ob/gyns here this week.

Judith Weiss, ScD, chief of the Massachusetts Maternal Mortality Study in Boston, tells WebMD that her group will also report maternal passing much higher than the CDC rates. The Massachusetts think about, she says, defines maternal passing as passings happening up to a year after conveyance. Both the CDC and Gherman use the 42-day cutoff. She says “it is more exact to extend to a year because many of these delivery-related deaths … are likely to happen beyond 42 days.” She says, however, that “most deaths do happen inside the 42 days.”

Weiss says her group will be announcing data from 1995 to 1998 “and the rate will be about 25%.”

Gherman says the most perfect to way approach the problem of ladies biting the dust during childbirth is to induce high-risk women “out of community hospitals and into huge referral centers, where they can be advertised state-of-the-art care.”

Weiss concurs and says that “there continues to be a need for regional centers that are prepared to handle high-risk cases.” She adds that in some cases, such as HIV-infected ladies, “ob/gyns have to be willing to collaborate with other pros to convey care.”

The goal of the CDC’s Sound Women 2000 campaign is 3.3 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births, says Gherman. He says, be that as it may, “The data from L.A. District recommend that the goal is no place in sight.”

Crucial Data: A researcher reports that between 1982 and 1998, three times more moms kicked the bucket in childbirth in a Los Angeles Province healing center than the national average reported by the CDC. The driving executioners were dying and preeclampsia (which, within the mother, causes tall blood pressure, swelling, and the possibility of kidney damage and seizures). Other analysts are too finding their maternal death rates are much higher than the CDC’s normal. The analysts call for regional centers to be created in arrange to deliver moms at tall hazard the most progressed care available.


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