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June 7, 2011 — Testosterone decrease isn’t inevitable with age, agreeing to Australian researchers. Older men in excellent health can maintain their hormone levels, they say.

”What we found was, once you consider all the conceivable influences, age had no effect on testosterone levels in these exceptionally solid men,” says researcher David Handelsman, MD, PhD, executive of the ANZAC Inquire about Founded at the College of Sydney.

”By itself, age does not cause a lower testosterone in solid men,” he tells WebMD. “It’s more likely that lowering of testosterone may be a consequence of sicknesses men procure as they get more seasoned, like cardiovascular illness and obesity.”

Handelsman presented his discoveries at The Endocrine Society’s yearly meeting in Boston.

In any case, a U.S.-based expert says the men in the ponder were ”super selected.” They represent only a small portion of the maturing male populace.

The Solid Man Study

Handelsman and his team looked at 325 men, all over age 40 and ranging from 40 to 97. They were selected in the Solid Man Consider in Australia.

All self-reported amazing health. They had no symptoms. The men’s normal body mass index (BMI) was 26; BMI underneath 25 is considered solid.

Those who took medications that influence testosterone were excluded.

The researchers took nine isolated blood tests over a period of three months. They assessed testosterone levels. Past considers have looked at a single time point, Handelsman says.

“Their levels did not alter over the three months,” he says. More importantly, when the researchers looked at the entire sample of 325 men, even with the large age extend, levels did not contrast.

“Age alone does not make you testosterone deficient,” Handelsman says.

In the event that a man is found to have testosterone decline, he says, he and his doctor ought to explore for basic health problems that can be contributing.

The think about was supported by the Restorative Benefits Finance Foundation in Sydney. It is portion of the private wellbeing back up plans Bupa. Handelsman says Bupa had no input in the study.

Expert Opposes this idea

“He found men at one end of the spectrum,” says Irwin Goldstein, MD, director of San Diego Sexual Medicine at Alvarado Clinic, San Diego. He reviewed the think about findings for WebMD but was not included in the study.

Over time, he says, testosterone levels in the common populace tend to fall. The decline, he says, is approximately 1.5% per year on average. Over decades, it can add up to huge decrease.

Handelsman includes a sample that does not represent the common populace, he says. “In a population of individuals not super selected, we recognize there is an increasing predominance of [lowered testosterone] with increasing age,” says Goldstein, a clinical professor of surgery at the College of California San Diego.

Goldstein does concur with Handelsman that underlying health problems accounting for the lowered testosterone should be ruled out.

He reports counseling work for companies that make testosterone products, including Auxilium, Abbott, and Slate.

These findings were presented at a restorative conference. They should be considered preliminary as they have not yet undergone the “peer audit” handle, in which exterior experts scrutinize the data prior to publication in a restorative journal.

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