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June 14, 2005 — Eating as well much red meat or not sufficient fish may increase your chance of developing colon cancer.colon cancer.

Analysts say the results affirm past studiesprevious considers that have appeared that eating large sums of red or handled meat raises the hazard of colon cancer while eating lots of angle has the inverse impact.

The think about, which taken after more than 500,000 men and ladies from 10 European nations, showed that individuals who ate the foremost red and processed meats had a better hazard of colon cancer than those who ate the slightest. Meanwhile, individuals who ate the most fish had a lower chance of colon cancer.

The comes about show up in the June 15 issue of the Diary of the National Cancer Established.

Red Meat Raises Cancer Risk

Within the ponder, analysts looked at the affiliation between how much ruddy or prepared meats, poultry, or angle individuals ate and their hazard of developing colon cancer over nearly five years of follow-up.

Amid that time, more than 1,300 cases of colon cancer were analyzed among the participants.

But the consider showed that colon cancer was more common among overwhelming red and prepared meat eaters (an normal of more than 5.6 ounces per day).

For case, researchers gauge that 1.71% of overwhelming meat eaters would develop colon cancer amid 10-year period meat compared with 1.28% among those who ate the slightest (an average of less than an ounce per day).

The analysts found that the chance of developing colon cancer was higher with processed meats compared with just red meats.

They moreover found that the risk of colon cancer was lower among people who ate the most angle (an normal of nearly 3 ounces per day) compared with those who ate the slightest (an average of around a third of an ounce per day).

For angle, the analysts appraise that 1.28% of overwhelming fish eaters would develop colon cancer amid a 10-year period compared with 1.86% of those who ate the least sum of fish.

There was no interface between poultry utilization and colon cancer chance.

Analysts say an estimated 70% of colon cancer cases may well be avoided through changes in way of life in Western nations.

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