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Oct. 12, 2006 — Menopause ushers in hormonal changes for ladies, and contrasts in hormone levels by ethnic gather may influence breast cancer rates.

That’s concurring to the College of Southern California’s Veronica Wendy Setiawan, PhD, and colleagues. Their report shows up within the October Cancer The study of disease transmission Biomarkers & Avoidance.

They examined information on 739 postmenopausal ladies in Hawaii and California.

The bunch included 240 dark ladies, 231 Latinas, 96 Japanese-Americans, 91 whites, and 81 Local Hawaiians.

The ladies were at slightest 56 a long time ancient and were in their mid- to late 60s, on normal.

They completed overviews almost their weight, eat less, liquor and tobacco utilize, work out, restorative history, family cancer history, regenerative history, and hormone utilize.

The ladies too given blood tests. The analysts utilized those blood tests to degree the women’s blood levels of estrogen and other sex hormones.

None of the ladies was on postmenopausal hormone treatment when their blood was taken.

The analysts followed breast cancer rates for each ethnic bunch, altering for variables counting age, BMI (body mass list), and way of life.

Breast Cancer Rates, Hormone Levels

Local Hawaiians had the most elevated breast cancer rates, taken after by Japanese-Americans, whites, blacks, and Latinas.

Blood levels of sex hormones shifted among ethnic bunches.

Local Hawaiians had the most noteworthy sex hormone levels. Blacks and Japanese-Americans had higher estrogen levels than whites. Latinas and whites had comparable estrogen levels.

The reasons for those designs aren’t clear.

The think about doesn’t demonstrate that hormone levels were exclusively mindful for the groups’ breast cancer rates. More thinks about are required, the analysts note.

Setiawan and colleagues say their discoveries include to the “sparse data” on sex hormone levels within the Latino and Local Hawaiian populaces.

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