Pair of Killings Tests Hindu-Muslim Unity in a Pakistani Desert Town Leave a comment

MITHI, Pakistan — It was just another Friday morning when the brothers Dilip and Chandra Kumar opened the shutter on their grain store to start work. Then the gunshots started, taking Dilip down first, then Chandra after he turned to see what had happened.

Chandra was lucid enough to tell his uncle, who came 10 minutes later, that they had been shot by two men driving past on a motorcycle. Then he died while a doctor struggled over him at the hospital in their hometown, Mithi, in southern Pakistan.

“The doctor didn’t know how to remove a bullet,” said the dead men’s uncle, Madan Lal, at a memorial service last month on the 13th day after the killings, a special day in Hindu mourning rituals. “Can you imagine? He had just never had to perform such a procedure before. That is Mithi. No one gets shot here.”

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