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Golf was so close! It was so close to moving beyond that stereotype — the image of a rich, old, unathletic white man making sexist jokes and trading real estate tips. The image of someone like Donald Trump.

The dominance of Tiger Woods started to make it seem cool, and the First Tee program tried to make it accessible for kids of all backgrounds. But Tiger Woods disappeared for a while. And now the president, who generally likes to spend long holiday weekends near a golf course, is hogging golf’s headlines. It’s making me think twice before admitting out loud that yes, I am a golfer.

Most people I talk to seem to understand that President Trump doesn’t represent a typical American (if we have to have immigrants, how about Norwegians?); men know he doesn’t represent men accurately (just your typical “locker room talk”), and golfers know he doesn’t represent golf. But if you’re not those things, you might not know.

Mr. Trump as a golfer is like the villain in a comedy movie about golf. For “Caddyshack” fans, Mr. Trump is like if Judge Smails had a baby with Rodney Dangerfield and the baby grew to be a man’s size and yelled its net worth from his yacht at unsuspecting dolphins.

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