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March 19, 2001 — On the off chance that you think simply can lower your hazard of developing heart disease merely by observing your cholesterol levels, you’ll be off-base. Young individuals who smoke, have tall blood pressure, or are overweight may already be creating the telltale signs of heart disease — even in case their cholesterol levels are normal, warn the creators of a new think about.

Since 1985, a group of specialists has been looking at the blood vessels of people who passed on as a result of accidents or suicide, instead of of maladies, to see what they might learn almost how heart illness advances within the body over time. In prior thinks about, they reported their revelation that even young people’s hearts and supply routes contained fatty deposits and other antecedents to the advancement of plaques. Once plaques develop, they clog courses, causing heart attacks and strokes.

In their most recent report, the researchers contracted their examination to approximately 850 men and women, aged 15-34, from this same bunch of people being examined since 1985. They had ordinary cholesterol levels, but nearly half of them had at least one other risk factor that contributes to the advancement of heart illness — either they were smokers, had high blood weight, were overweight, or had early signs of diabetes.

In spite of their age and normal or below normal cholesterol levels, the analysts were able to identify the alarming streaks of fat and injuries within the aorta, the main artery leading from the heart to the rest of the body. The think about is published within the current issue of the diary Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.

These discoveries are critical since people often place as well much emphasis on controlling cholesterol by means of eat less, exercise, and medicine and not enough on modifying the other components that contribute to heart malady. Nor do they get it that great health habits must start when a person is young, lead analyst Henry C. McGill, MD, tells WebMD.

“The center is on young individuals who think they are godlike,” says McGill. “[But] what they do when they are 15, 20, or 30 is planning to decide whether they have a heart assault afterward in life. The message is to have an overall solid lifestyle, which includes disposing of all of these [hazard factors].” McGill is the senior scientist emeritus at the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Inquire about in San Antonio.

As these discoveries show, individuals trying to prevent heart malady and parents craving to raise their children with solid bodies got to strike a adjust, McGill and other experts say, between killing too much fat from the eat less and putting the correct emphasis on weight control. The finest job parents can do, says McGill, is set an example for their children by “giving a model” of healthy behavior. “What is good for the guardians is good for the children,” he says.

“Weight control in children is the 1,000-pound gorilla,” says Robert E. Olson, MD, who checked on the ponder for WebMD and has conducted similar research on heart disease in children. But he cautions, “It’s my belief that dietary [change] in children is baseless [to prevent heart disease,] since no advantage has been shown. And in numerous children, mental issues emerge as a result of nourishment limitation and in a few, by and large lack of healthy sustenance.”

J. Timothy Bricker, MD, calls the study “a landmark.” He notes that physicians who performed dissections on youthful men who passed on within the Korean and Vietnam wars famous signs of heart illness in these soldiers, which helped spark the creation of McGill’s group.

“This confirms what a part of people were beautiful beyond any doubt they knew — that the chance components associated with one another which risk variables other than cholesterol are critical,” says Bricker, a professor of pediatrics at Baylor Therapeutic College and chairman of pediatric cardiology at Texas Children’s Healing center in Houston.

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