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Aug. 19, 2009 — Breast cancer patients may do as well with the drug Femara as they do with tamoxifen, a unused consider shows.

The international consider, published in the New England Diary of Medication, included more than 6,100 postmenopausal ladies who had breast cancer that was delicate to the hormones estrogen or progesterone.

After the women finished their breast cancer treatment, they were assigned to one of the following plans:

Take tamoxifen for five years Take Femara for five a long time Take tamoxifen for two a long time, then Femara for three a long time Take Femara for two a long time, then tamoxifen for three years

The ladies didn’t know which pills they were taking.

Tamoxifen and Femara work in an unexpected way. Tamoxifen squares the action of estrogen within the body.

Femara has a place to a lesson of drugs called aromatase inhibitors. Those drugs, which also include Arimidex and Aromasin, target the aromatase protein, which is needed to make estrogen.

The unused consider appears that over almost six years, the women’s chances of cancer-free survival were similarly great taking Femara alone or taking either tamoxifen to begin with and Femara afterward or vice versa.

There was no noteworthy difference in by and large survival between ladies who took Femara alone compared to women who took tamoxifen alone for five years, report the researchers, who included Henning Mouridsen, MD, chair of the Danish Breast Cancer Agreeable Bunch.

In 2005, the analysts detailed that recurrence of breast cancer in locales distant from the breast was less common in ladies taking Femara than in those taking tamoxifen.

The modern think about shows that the drugs’ side effects were in line with known dangers; no abnormal adverse occasions were reported.

The think about was funded by Novartis, the drug company that creates Femara. In the journal, Mouridsen and a few other analysts uncover ties to Novartis. Femara was the only aromatase inhibitor included in the consider.


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