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Walk 14, 2008 — Kids beneath age 3 get five colds a year — and 61% of the time, they get ear infections, too.

The finding comes from a ponder of 294 solid children aged 6 months to 3 a long time. Each child was followed for one year by Tasnee Chonmaitree, MD, a pediatric infectious malady master at the College of Texas Medical Department at Galveston, and colleagues.

Chonmaitree and colleagues found that day-care kids got more than six colds a year; those cared for at domestic got five. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 months got approximately twice as many colds as did children between the ages of age 2 and 3 a long time.

More than half of children who get colds — 61% — come down with otitis media, contamination of the center ear. Approximately a quarter of the time, this infection has no side effects, but the child contains a buildup of liquid interior the ear.

Fortunately, the hazard of getting an ear contamination after a cold drops quickly with age.

“For every month older a child gets, she or he incorporates a 4% lower risk of getting otitis media after a cold,” Chonmaitree tells WebMD. “So an 8-month-old child has 8% less chance of otitis media after a cold than that same child had at age 6 months.”

Chonmaitree finds that ear infections are most likely to happen after colds in children aged 6 months to 18 months. She recommends that parents should try to maintain a strategic distance from sending children this age to day care.

In an editorial going with the study, Pascal Chavanet, MD, of University Hospital, Dijon, France, takes issue with this suggestion.

“The desire that sick children can be kept out of day care centers or that domestic care can be provided for children until at slightest 1 year of age raises exceptionally difficult financial obstructions,” Chavanet proposes.

The Chonmaitree ponder, and the Chavanet publication, show up within the March 15 issue of Clinical Infectious Maladies.

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