Do Heart Patients Get Too Many Cholesterol Tests? Leave a comment

By Steven Reinberg

HealthDay Reporter

MONDAY, July 1 (HealthDay News) — Many U.S. heart patients may be getting their cholesterol levels checked pointlessly, a new consider proposes.

Measurements on more than 35,000 patients with coronary heart illness treated in a Houston-based Veterans Affairs network suggest this can be an region of over-testing that’s contributing to the nation’s taking off medical costs, the think about creators said.

At this one network of seven clinics, the fetched of repetitive cholesterol blood tests produced to more than $200,000 in one year, the ponder found.

“These results represent health care resource overuse and possibly their waste,” said lead analyst Dr. Salim Virani, a cardiologist at the Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Restorative Center in Houston.

The ponder, distributed online July 1 in JAMA Inner Medicine, focused in on nearly 28,000 patients taking statin drugs that were keeping their cholesterol levels in check — less than 100 milligrams of cholesterol per deciliter of blood.

Over 11 months, rehash tests were ordered for one-third of those patients indeed in spite of the fact that their medication had not been expanded, the researchers found.

In all, nearly 13,000 extra tests were performed at around $16 each, bringing the total fetched for this one group of clinics to nearly $204,000.

“Separated from the costs associated with these lipid boards, this also carries with it the fetched for the patient’s time to experience a repeat blood test and taken a toll for the health care provider’s time to follow up on these results after excess testing and to educate the persistent approximately these comes about,” said Virani.

Most of those who experienced rehash testing had a history of diabetes, high blood weight and more visit doctor visits, the inquire about group found. The extra tests likely gave a few of these patients a degree of comfort, the ponder creators famous.

The ponder drew mixed responses from other experts.

Current national guidelines recommend that patients with coronary heart infection have their cholesterol checked each four to six months, said Dr. Gregg Fonarow, professor of cardiology at the College of California, Los Angeles and a representative for the American Heart Association.

“This unused think about appears a design of lipid testing that’s entirely consistent with current rules,” he said. “Whether less frequent testing and monitoring would result in comparable outcomes at lower fetched requires more study.”

Utilizing statin therapy to attain and maintain suitable LDL cholesterol levels remains one of the foremost cost-effective treatments for avoiding repetitive cardiovascular occasions in men and women with coronary heart disease, he said.

Dr. Joseph Drozda Jr., creator of an accompanying journal editorial, said that “seemingly reasonable tests” really add up when tired huge numbers.

“These cholesterol tests were being ordered with no advantage to the quiet but cost the VA more than $200,000, and this was only in seven hospitals,” said Drozda, from the Center for Imaginative Care at Mercy Wellbeing in Chesterfield, Moment.

Drozda thinks this is often just one illustration of the overuse of tests. “Most physicians will tell you usually not exceptional. A part of tests are requested without direct advantage to the patient and result in this kind of squander,” he said.

“We ought to be seeking out for all of these sources of waste and addressing them,” he included.

Almost one of every six adult Americans has tall blood cholesterol, putting them at risk of heart infection, concurring to the U.S. Centers for Malady Control and Anticipation.

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