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Dec. 26, 2001 — Weight is soaring among American young people, an indication that they may confront higher dangers of diabetes and heart malady in a long time ahead. Now, a modern ponder distributed in the journal Digestion system indicates that offer assistance may come from a common diabetes drug long before teenagers create disease. The drug Glucophage helped eating less youngsters lose altogether more weight than others on the same diet.

Pediatricians at the University of Tennessee School of Pharmaceutical put 24 corpulent youths on a low-calorie count calories: 1,500 calories a day for the girls and 1,800 calories a day for the boys. They moreover gave half the teenagers Glucophage and half a fake treatment.

After eight weeks, dieting high schoolers who took the placebo misplaced 3.8 % of their body weight. But those taking Glucophage lost 6.5 % of their body weight — nearly twice as much.

The teenagers taking Glucophage also had lower blood levels of fasting insulin, leptin, cholesterol, and triglycerides — substances thought to increase the risk for diabetes and heart infection.

The treatment was not without dangers. Five of the 12 high schoolers taking Glucophage complained of mild side impacts, counting sickness, dizziness, and loose stools. But none were so awkward that they halted the pharmaceutical.

Glucophage controls the amount of glucose — or blood sugar — within the body. A tall level of glucose is regularly the primary sign of developing diabetes. Still, the analysts note that larger and longer ponders are needed some time recently specialists can know whether the sedate offers restorative benefit for corpulent teenagers decades some time recently they develop any infection.

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