Candies May be Contaminated With Hepatitis A Leave a comment

January 10, 2019 — A public health alarm approximately possible hepatitis A contamination in Modjeskas from Bauer’s Candies was announced Thursday by the U.S. Food and Medicate Administration.

Customers who bought the independently wrapped marshmallow candy plunged in chocolate or caramel after Nov. 14, 2018 should toss them absent.

The FDA says a worker at the Bauer’s Candies facility in Kentucky tried positive for hepatitis A, a infectious liver malady caused by the hepatitis A virus.

The hazard of hepatitis A transmission from the candy is moo, but the FDA said that people who ate candies bought after Nov. 14 and have not been immunized for hepatitis A should see a healthcare supplier to determine in case they require treatment called post exposure prophylaxis (Energy).

Get up and go may be recommended for unvaccinated individuals who have been exposed to hepatitis A infection within the last two weeks. Those who’ve been vaccinated against hepatitis A do not require Get up and go, the FDA said.

The agency said it is not mindful of any cases of hepatitis A connected to the candies.

The FDA said it is working with the company on a voluntary recall of the candies and will release details as they gotten to be available.

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