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Jan. 6, 2010 — Cell phone presentation may be supportive within the fight against Alzheimer’s illness, a modern think about appears.

The consider, including mice, gives evidence that long-term exposure to electromagnetic waves related with cell phone utilize may secure against, and indeed turn around, Alzheimer’s malady.

The study is published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

“It astounded us to discover that cell phone presentation, started in early adulthood, protects the memory of mice otherwise ordained to create Alzheimer’s symptoms,” consider researcher Gary Arendash, PhD, of the University of South Florida, says in a news discharge. “It was even more bewildering that the electromagnetic waves created by cell phones really reversed memory impairment in ancient Alzheimer’s mice.”

The researchers say they found that uncovering old mice with Alzheimer’s disease to electromagnetic waves generated by cell phones reduced brain stores of beta-amyloid. Brain plaques formed by the unusual accumulation of beta-amyloid are hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease, which is why most medicines try to target the protein.

The think about permitted scientists to disconnect the effects of cell phone exposure on memory from other lifestyle factors, such as exercise and diet, the analysts say.

The think about included 96 mice, including mice hereditarily designed to develop Alzheimer’s malady and ordinary mice. Both the Alzheimer’s mice and the typical rodents were uncovered to the electromagnetic field generated by standard cell use for two one-hour periods day by day for seven to nine months.

The mice didn’t wear headsets, and no one held little phones to their ears. Their cages, or maybe, were arranged around a centrally located radio wire creating the cell phone signal.

Each rat was housed the same separate from the antenna and uncovered to electromagnetic waves, at a level ordinarily transmitted by a cell phone squeezed against a human head.

The researchers say that on the off chance that cell phone introduction was begun when the Alzheimer’s mice were young adults, and before signs of memory loss became apparent, their cognitive ability was secured. And in the event that older mice with Alzheimer’s were exposed, their memory impedance progressed. What’s more, months of cell phone introduction indeed boosted the memories of normal mice, the analysts write.

The analysts say the memory benefits in normal mice of cell phone introduction took months to appear up, suggesting a similar effect in people might take a long time. In any case, they also caution that “care ought to be taken in extrapolating our results to cell phone use and [electromagnetic wave] presentation in people.”

Better approaches to Battle Alzheimer’s and Brain Injuries

The analysts conclude that the discoveries might mean electromagnetic field exposure may be an effective, noninvasive, and drug-free way to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s malady in humans.

“In case we are able to decide the leading set of electromagnetic parameters to effectively anticipate beta-amyloid conglomeration and remove pre-existing beta-amyloid deposits from the brain, this technology may be quickly deciphered to human benefit against Ad [Alzheimer’s illness],” says consider analyst Chuanhai Cao, PhD, moreover of the University of South Florida. “Since generation and accumulation of beta-amyloid happens in traumatic brain damage, particularly soldiers during war, the restorative impact of our discoveries may extend beyond Alzheimer’s disease.”

Cao says the consider “gives prove that long-term cell phone use is not destructive to [the] brain,” Cao says. “To the contrary, the electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones may actually improve typical memory and be an successful treatment against memory disability.”

They note that previous human ponders of electromagnetic waves from cell phones involved only brief exposures.

In spite of the fact that some people have claimed that cell phones may cause brain tumors, the South Florida researchers say that “in spite of numerous studies, there is no authoritative prove that high-frequency electromagnetic field exposure may be a risk to human health” and their study proposes the waves may be advantageous.

A study distributed in December 2009 within the Journal of the National Cancer Established found no substantial change within the frequency trend of brain tumors among a consider group of 60,000 people five to 10 a long time after cell phone usage rose strongly within the nations where they lived.

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