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One blue surgical drape at a time, the patient disappeared, until all that showed was a triangle of her shaved scalp.

“Ten seconds of quiet in the room, please,” said Dr. David J. Langer, the chairman of neurosurgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, part of Northwell Health. Silence fell, until he said, “O.K., I’ll take the scissors.”

His patient, Anita Roy, 66, had impaired blood flow to the left side of her brain, and Dr. Langer was about to perform bypass surgery on slender, delicate arteries to restore the circulation and prevent a stroke.

The operating room was dark, and everyone was wearing 3-D glasses. Lenox Hill is the first hospital in the United States to buy a device known as a videomicroscope, which turns neurosurgery into an immersive and sometimes dizzying expedition into the human brain.

Surgeons observing the operation on Ms. Roy. The big screen makes it an ideal teaching tool, and lets surgeons operate while looking straight ahead, reducing the strain on necks that over time can become a career-ender.Credit…Béatrice de Géa for The New York Times

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