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Jan 5, 2012 — Sprinkle some walnuts on your serving of mixed greens this evening. Your heart will thank you.

When it comes to heart wellbeing benefits, roasted and crude walnuts rule the perch, a new study shows.

Analysts from the University of Scranton in Scranton, Pa., compared the amount of powerful cancer prevention agents called polyphenols in nine types of simmered and crude nuts and two sorts of shelled nut butter. They also tried just how viable the cancer prevention agents within the nuts are in respect to heart health using lab examination.

A clear champ developed from the nutty bunch: the walnut.

The discoveries show up in the journal Food & Function.

Whether broiled or crude, walnuts beat the competition. Walnuts were stacked with the most noteworthy sum of polyphenols. These compounds are accepted to diminish heart illness hazard by lowering levels of blood cholesterol, progressing blood flow, and cooling the inflammation that’s been connected to heart illness. What’s more, nuts — which are tall in fat — don’t necessarily lead to weight gain.

Walnuts not only have the most polyphenols, but they moreover have the foremost potent polyphenols, the researchers say.

Raw and Roasted Nut Runner-Ups

After raw walnuts, polyphenol amounts found in nuts in slipping arrange are:

Brazil nuts Pistachios Pecans Peanuts Almonds Macadamia nuts Cashews Hazelnuts

Among simmered nuts, the runners-up were:

Brazil nuts Hazelnuts Peanuts Pecans Cashews Macadamia nuts Almonds Pistachios

The foot line?

“Nuts are a nutritious snack and nourishment added substance, providing both supplements and … antioxidants, which give noteworthy wellbeing benefits,” the consider authors conclude.

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