A Garlicky Stir-Fry With Basil Leaves From Bangkok Leave a comment

Leela Punyaratabandhu grew up in Bangkok, in and out of her great-grandparents’ home. She didn’t live in it, not technically, but it’s where she and her cousins and uncles and aunts gathered throughout the week to eat, and read, and stay up late watching movies, so it often felt as if she did. As a child, she read books out loud in Thai while walking up and down the length of her grandmother’s back, to massage it, and her grandmother piped up occasionally to correct her pronunciation. On weekends, she walked with her grandfather to the newsstand to pick up a copy of The Bangkok Post so that they could each work on their own crossword puzzle. “I grew up surrounded by people who had that kind of mentality, that books were important, and that the preservation of tradition was important.”


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