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June 25, 2009 — Over 1 million Americans have had swine flu, the CDC estimates. Half those cases have been in New York City.

The gauge, from a still-being-analyzed CDC study, was reported by CDC flu analyst Lyn Finelli, DrPH, at a assembly of the U.S. Admonitory Committee on Immunization Practices.

“Right presently, we are assessing over 1 million cases within the U.S.,” Finelli said.

About 6% of U.S. families in major cities have had at least one case, according to information from New York City, Chicago, and the University of Delaware.

The endless larger part of cases have been mellow. Whereas over one in 10 detailed cases have sent patients to the clinic, Finelli says that the expansive number of unreported cases means that a much lower percentage of individuals with swine flu actually get serious illness.

But a noteworthy minority of cases has been extreme. As with seasonal flu, the most noteworthy rates of severe cases happen within the very young — children beneath age 4 a long time — and adults over age 65.

Most swine flu hospitalizations are among individuals with basic restorative conditions:

32% have asthma or persistent lung malady 16% have diabetes 10% are current smokers 7% are pregnant

An analysis of 99 of the 127 U.S. residents who have died of swine flu shows that 87 of them endured basic conditions:

11% had asthma 24% had other lung diseases 13% had diabetes 11% were dismally stout 34% were obese

The CDC is currently exploring the development of obesity as a risk figure for extreme swine flu.

Finelli said there have been five swine flu passings among pregnant ladies; most were in their 20s. They died at different trimesters of pregnancy: one within the first, one within the moment, and three in the third. Underlying conditions are not known for all the women, but a few had none.

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